Wixey WR365 Digital Angle Gauge and Level

Wixey WR365 Digital Angle Gauge and Level

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Wixey WR365 Digital Angle Gauge and Level - Product Description

The Wixey WR365 Digital Angle Gauge with Level is a compact digital angle gauge for woodworking, metal working, automotive and many other uses. These compact gauges have become one of the most coveted workshop setup tools for accurately and quickly setting saw blades and machinery tables. They are also great for metal fabrication and other layout and measuring tasks. The 0.1-Degree accuracy and repeatability gives these tiny gauges the accuracy needed for almost any precise project. The WR365 contains many innovative features in its’ compact 2.2-Inch x 2.3-Inch x 1.3-Inch body.

Wixey WR365 Digital Angle Gauge and Level - Details

  • Flip-up display for easy viewing from any position
  • Built-in level display using Dead Level Technology TM is always visible and permanently stored.
  • ?HOLD? feature allows you take a reading and hold the value while you move the gauge to a new position.
  • The machined aluminum base imbedded with high strength magnets sits perfectly flat for optimum accuracy. It also has a built in ?V? groove for use on pipes or conduit.
  • AAA batteries for super long life


Using capacitive measuring technology, the Wixey Digital Angle Gauge accurately sets saw blade bevel angles to a 0.1 degree resolution.

Works great for miter saws, table saws, jointer fences and band saw tables. Super strong magnets securely attach the digital angle gauge to saw blades and tool fences.

Easy to use – attach a reference surface, press the ZERO button to calibrate the angle gauge, then attach to the blade to determine the angle.

Gauge has a range of  +/- 150 degrees, a resolution of 0.1 degrees, and a reading repeatability of  +/- 0.1 degrees.

Uses a 3.0V CR2032 watch type battery (included) and has an Auto Shut Off for extended battery life. Imported