How to use the Protractor ,Angle Finder ,Bevel Protractor

Bevel Protractor.

7.1 The slip angle (Bevel Protractor).
7.1.1 The composition of the blade angle.
The application used to measure the angle.
To produce a custom size for some time to work them into a corner.
How do you look like a corner piece.
The aim is to provide a beautiful contrast. And to work together with others.
For measuring or checking the angle of the workpiece, such as ? 1 ? resolution of the instrument called the “slip angle”.

Figure 7-1 pieces that need to check the angle.

Structural characteristics of the blade angle.
The structure of the blade angle of the bend angle for a semicircular scale divided into degrees,
the limit 0o – 180o from the left.
The resolution of its scale, equal to 10 degrees to the bottom of the notice, together with the measured surface.
And arm angle, which attaches to the keyboard’s degree with 7-1 spiral below the top end will be keen to measure the degree to read correctly.
The bottom end will act as the arm opposite to the surface.
Therefore, the angle can be measured at the corners of a degrees. And arm angle can be attributed to surface only.
Components of the blade angle.

Figure 7-2 Components of an angle.

A notice of degrees.
Text. Key screw mount leaves a degree.
The. Arm angle.

7.1.2 How to read the angle.
Because of the nature of the blade angle can be used to measure the angle on both sides of the 7-3, 7-4,
by degrees, to be read from an angle that the scale is different.
Figure 7-3 The use of an angle. Angle of the workpiece to the right arm angle.
Measuring the angle of the workpiece is equal to the value measured at 7-3 degrees, which read as reading is 42 degrees.

Figure 7-3 to measure the upper-right corner.
Figure 7-4 The use of an angle. Angle of the workpiece,
which is on the left angle of the arm to measure the angle of the workpiece is equal to 180o – a measure of the degree to read it (180o – 138o = 42o).

Figure 7-4 to measure the upper-left corner.

7.1.3 How to measure the angle with the blade angle.
Previous measurements have to adjust the keyboard angle spiral arms.
Magnified by the friction to some extent.
Degrees to the base of the leaf was attached to the surface.
Arm rotation angle toward the surface until it touches the surface.
Readings measured in degrees.
If a piece of work that can not be read as a measure of the degree measure.
Key to tighten the screws holding the arm angle, before picking up to read.

Figure 7-5 Using a measure of the angle of the workpiece.

7.1.4 How to maintain.
1. The angle of the workpiece.
Must place the correct angle with respect to all three axis (y – y ‘,x – x ‘and z – z’)as Figure 7-6.

Figure 7-6 axis angle.
2. The aim of the eye must be in the correct position.
3. The pivot point its scale must be sharp enough.
4. An angle that scale must be clear.
5. The carrier is required to remove the sharp order.
6. The key to catching the spiral arm angle to the blade angle to the value measured in degrees.
7. Should hold steady or drop the pieces to the temple.
8. We use a piece of angle to the blade angle to angle and arm angle. The fact that close to the surface.